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Sistema is the brand of modern plastic containers for food and household articles storage. They are innovative, carefully manufactured, functional and in beautiful colours. It has won the hearts of many customers worldwide, who appreciate its production quality and variety of application. The whole production process takes place in New Zeland and production technologies guarantee safe use. All Sistema products are free from harmful substances like Bisphenol A and Phthalates and are 100% safe for food and children.

EzyStyle - is offering a wide range of modern style premium products made from top quality materials.

Makamaka is offering a wide range of modern style premium blankets made from top quality materials which are nice to touch. Patterns are designed according to the latest market trends. Blankets are soft and delicate to the touch. Perfect during cold evenings. Great idea for a gift.
Our blankets can also be used as a bedcover.

Langley Home - is an USA brand of aromatic and organic soy wax candles. Beautiful fragrances will ensure long-lasting and pleasant scent. Perfect for home, beauty salons or restaurants.

Langley Empire Candle Company - is an American manufacturer of scented candles with its original design and unique fragrance compositions. Candles are made with fine waxes and fragrances that burn clean and provide a long lasting fragrance. Will perfectly fit to your home, business or guests.

Tuscany Candle – is an USA premium brand of scent candles made on the basis of the purest essential oils fragrance inspired by the Italian Tuscany. Have a luxurious and beautiful look, rich fragrances range and multiple capacity.